Stay Spotlight: The Bowers Suite



Welcome to Bowers Mill Hotel, where luxury meets history in the heart of West Yorkshire. Our exquisite accommodations exemplify our commitment to providing a truly exceptional experience, and none showcase this better than the opulent Bowers Suite. As we unveil the splendour of this haven, prepare to be enchanted by a world where sophistication, comfort, style, and family-friendly spaces converge.

Journey into the Elegance

Nestled within the historic walls of Bowers Mill Aparthotel in Halifax, West Yorkshire - the Bowers Suite is a testament to timeless elegance and refined taste. Spanning spacious dimensions, the suite is a retreat for couples seeking romance and a perfect sanctuary for families with up to six people. Adding a cosy bunk bed in a separate area ensures children have enchanting space within the suite.

A Sanctuary of Comfort for Families

Step into unparalleled comfort as you enter the Bowers Suite, designed with families in mind. The carefully chosen furnishings exude warmth, inviting you and your loved ones to unwind and indulge in the tranquillity of your private haven. The plush king-sized bed promises a restful night's sleep for parents, while the well-appointed bunk bed area provides a delightful retreat for children.

Breathtaking Views for Everyone

One of the highlights of the Bowers Suite is its breathtaking views, ensuring that every family member can enjoy nature's beauty. The suite's windows frame the picturesque landscape of West Yorkshire, creating a serene backdrop that enhances the overall experience. Whether enjoying a morning coffee with your partner or witnessing the sun dip below the horizon with the kids, these views enchant your family.

In-Room Amenities for All Ages

The Bowers Suite is not just a place to rest your head; it's a curated experience designed for the comfort of every family member. Indulge in the modern amenities that seamlessly blend with the suite's timeless charm. Every detail has been considered to ensure a family stay that exceeds expectations, from high-speed Wi-Fi to a flat-screen TV.

Luxurious Bathing with a Family-Friendly Touch

The ensuite bathroom in the Bowers Suite is a sanctuary of indulgence for both parents and children. Immerse yourself in the deep soaking tub, complete with premium bath amenities. The meticulous attention to detail extends to every corner, ensuring that family time in the bathroom is as rejuvenating as the rest of your stay.

Personalised Service for Every Member

At Bowers Mill Hotel, we understand true luxury lies in the details. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing personalised service for every member of your family. From concierge assistance to room service catering to children's preferences, every interaction is designed to exceed your expectations and create a memorable family retreat.


As we invite you to experience the Bowers Suite at Bowers Mill Hotel, we promise more than a stay; we offer a journey into a world where luxury, history, and family-friendly spaces intertwine seamlessly. The Bowers Suite is a testament to our commitment to providing a haven of comfort and elegance for couples and families. Book your family retreat today and indulge in the unmatched splendour of the Bowers Suite – where every moment is a celebration of refined living for everyone. Book your stay for the family today!

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